Best practices for cleaning computer equipment

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Everyone who possess a computer should clean its equipment regularly and on a daily basis. Dust on the parts of your computer is not only unattractive but it can also damage your computer and reduce its performance when accumulated over a long period of time. So, if you clean up your computer regularly, you can make it look attractive and neat, and on the other hand prevent the risk of damage and expensive repairs. It, therefore becomes important to keep your computer clean.

So, here are some right and best ways to clean your computer case, keyboard, mouse and monitor. First of all, always unplug or turn off your computer before cleaning, just to be safe. If it has a PS-2 connector, note that your computer is shut down when you disconnect it and then again plug it in. make sure you have prepared all of you cleaning supplies beforehand as well. You will need a cotton cloth, paper towels, tub or bucket of warm soapy water, lint free cloth and some form of cleaning fluid, all of which can easily be purchased from your local cleaning supplier or online cleaning supplies website.

Now, first take the keyboard and turn it upside down and gently shake it to remove any dust and dirt particles. You can also use a can of compressed air in between the keys to remove any light dust particles which are underneath the keys and which can damage the keys of your keyboard. To clean the surface, use a cotton cloth or a paper towel and moist it to use for cleaning. Never pour any kind of fluid like alcohol on your keyboard. If you accidentally spill it, do not panic. Simply shutdown your computer, disconnect your keyboard and turn it down so that the fluid can completely drain out. You can also rinse it in running water by the sides and then dry it upside down for two days. At this point of time, it may not be repairable but it is worth a try. So, always take special care and keep the drinks away from your keyboard.

To keep a mechanical mouse clean, unplug it from your computer and turn it upside down. Then remove the tracking ball by turning the ring clockwise. It should pop right out. Now, use a moist paper towel or some cotton to rub and clean the trackball. You can also clean inside of the mouse too. Make sure all the parts are dry before you assemble them together. If you have an optical mouse, then there is not much cleaning required as it does not have any mechanical parts. But does on it can simply reduce the working capacity of mouse. You can also a clean your mouse by dragging the mouse on a rough white sheet of paper.

Monitor is more easy to clean, but there are lot more things to keep in mind. Never spray the screen directly with water, cleaner or any other kind of liquids. It can leak into the monitor and damage the components inside. Never use glass cleaners like Windex. This can damage your screen if it has an anti-Clare coating. The safest method is to unplug the monitor and then wipe it with the moist clean cloth gently. You also clean other parts of your workspace like the back of monitor and computer case. These areas can get really dusty if you do not care for.

Never stack books and other materials around your computer. Your computer generates a lot of heat, so do not restrict the airflow around your computer. Hope these steps helped you out to clean out your computer!