Common Germ Infested Places In Your Office

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Find those germs!

Once the winter comes, germs will prefer warm and environments full of moisture. In simple words, this means that germs are more commonly found in the offices through winters than during the summer. The answer is simple. Find all the infected places, clean them and eliminate all the germs. A germ-free office is the best type of office you can have. Most places, where germs are common are well-known and obvious, but some of them are hard to find and most people forget about them. Here are the most common germ infested places you might have forgotten about, cleaning these places will make your office much safer for you and your employees.

  • Trash cans

Most people will simply empty a trash can and believe that they are safe from germs, just because you empty the trash can doesn’t mean the germs are gone too. This is a mistake because most of the germs will stay on the trash can itself, so no matter if the trash is removed, they will stay in the office! In order to solve this, use safe and eco-friendly cleaning chemicals that will clean the trash bin completely and kill all the germs. Eco-friendly products we use are 100% safe, but yet strong enough to kill viruses of MRSA, common flu and etc.

  • Drawers

Another place that is commonly forgotten when it comes to eliminating germs are drawers. They are not in the direct contact with any of the elements and items that can cause germ spreading. But, they are used to store items that were in contact with countertops, computers and other individuals. All of these are the most common germ-infested areas, that is why your drawer may be filled with nasty germs. Due to the fact that they are colder, dark and probably have more moisture than the outside of an office desk, germs just love living and multiplying inside drawers. We advise you that you should spend more time on cleaning this area.

  • Computer elements

We all know that keyboards, computer mice, and computer monitors are the most obvious and the most common areas where germs live. Cleaning them is luckily a well-known and commonly used actions. But, what you must do each morning when you come to the office? You must turn your computer on. You will probably use CD/DVD and USB ports. All of these are places that will indirectly come in contact with germs. Cleaning them is mandatory as well, despite the fact they are small and look irrelevant. A nice addition would be to clean and wipe the entire computer with an anti-germ solution. This significantly reduces the risk of infection.

  • Lower areas of the office furniture

As you may know, lower areas of the furniture aren’t maintained as well as the rest of it. Why should it, when it is almost invisible to most people. These are areas which come in contact with your feet, a common place to find all types of germs. When we walk through an office, we raise the dust and germs from the carpets or the floors, which find new places on the lower areas of the furniture.