How To Disinfect Your Office And Kill All Germs

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Through the winter, cleaning and trying to keep your office spotless is almost impossible to do. The main reason is germs, viruses, bacteria and similar threats. During winter, their numbers can be significantly increased, which is closely related to the increased risk of infections, common flu, and many other health issues. That’s why it is mandatory to eliminate all germs from your office. How can you actually do it?

Daily cleaning keeps the germs away

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  • Clean windows

Maybe cleaning your windows sounds contradictory, but keeping your windows clean will reduce the number of germs inside. When your windows are dirty and there is a lot of debris on them, the amount of sunlight that comes inside is reduced. This means that the moisture will be increased, which is what germs love and thrive in. Once your windows are cleaned, the levels of moisture will be reduced and therefore the number of germs will be lowered as well. Note: This tip also promotes working efficiency and has a positive effect on the clients and employees.

  • Disinfecting the entire office

Disinfecting is taboo and sadly, we believe, it still is for many office workers. The first disinfecting chemicals were harmful and dangerous to people. However, newer chemicals (which we use) are eco-friendly and completely safe. They kill germs and bacteria, but they have no effect on humans or animals. As such, it is highly recommended that an office is disinfected with the newest eco-friendly chemicals.

  • Daily cleaning

Maybe this is too complicated or time-consuming, but we know that daily cleaning and wiping of the office is mandatory, especially during the winter. By doing this, the risk of germs spreading through the office will be prevented. Yes, germs are parasites that will spread unless treated, that is why daily cleaning is very important.

  • Benefits of indoor plants

According to a study, NASA conducted in the 80s, office plants reduce the levels of toxins from your office by 90%. Some plants are more beneficial than the others, like ficus and golden pothos. Toxins are responsible for the increase of germs. They can promote spreading and even make the environment suitable to more advanced (dangerous) germs. Once the air is cleaned from the toxins, the environment won’t be suitable to them, obviously. So they are less likely to spread and cause your harm.

  • Pay special attention to the floors 

The last, but not least, the floors in your office are exposed to a higher number of germs and a higher amount of moisture. This also makes the environment more adequate to germs and their spreading. Cleaning the floors on a regular basis is mandatory, especially if you have carpet.

These are just some of the most popular ways to disinfect your office and remove germs, we recommend daily cleaning, if that is not possible, at least clean every other day. Our motto is, daily cleaning keeps the germs dreaming!